Sponsor A Child In Zambia

Image of four sponsored children in school in Zambia

Sponsor a child in Zambia and you’ll help give a girl like Brenda a brighter future. The HIV/AIDS crisis in Zambia has left many children without parents. Instead, children live with their brothers, sisters and cousins, often looked after by a relative or family friend. In Zambia school also isn’t free. There is the cost of lunches, uniforms, pencils and books, as well as fees just to attend. Carers can’t always afford these hidden costs so for many children there’s a risk they could miss out on an education. With your support, we’re helping to turn the tables and give children in Zambia a brighter future.

Sponsor A Child In Zambia

Sponsor a child in Zambia like Brenda - image shows brenda outside her house

 “My dream is to complete school and study to be a nurse.
I would like to work in a hospital and help people” – Brenda, 14

Brenda lives with her 10 orphaned cousins and brothers, looked after by their Grandma. Brenda’s father passed away when she was young and her mother never recovered from the loss, leaving the family when Brenda was just seven. Brenda’s Grandma can’t afford to clothe, feed and cover the school fees for so many children, so Brenda was missing out on school. Thanks to a kind sponsor, Brenda is back to school now and her dream of becoming a nurse is getting closer.

For so many children in Zambia, the dream of an education is still just that – a dream. They must stay out of school to earn money to support their families or stay at home while a handful of their siblings get an education – often this is all their carers can afford. With your help, we can give a child like Brenda the chance to go to school and get the education and brighter future they deserve.

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