Great Zambian Bake Off


Answer those age old questions “Who bakes the best Battenberg?” and “Who prepares the perfect pavlova?” at your very own Great Zambian Bake Off. And remember, if your photos get the most likes on Facebook, you’ll win a handmade Zambian-fabric apron.

What will I need for my Great Zambian Bake Off?

You’ll need at least 2 judges and 2 bakers, plenty of flour and a competitive spirit! You can charge for entry or make it up with donations at your bake sale afterwards.

1. Pick your cake
2. Get baking!
3. Remember to take photos
4. Sample and judge
5. Crown the winner
6. Hold a bake sale
7. Do you customers agree?

When you’re finished, you can send your donations by cheque to Brighter Futures Zambia, 47 Beech Grove, Whitley Bay, NE26 3PL or email us on to find out about other donation options.

How do I win an apron?

Remember to take photos at your Great Zambian Bake Off and if your photos get the most likes on Facebook, we’ll send you a handmade Zambian-fabric apron all for you. Read our terms and conditions to find out more.

I want to host a Great Zambian Bake Off

Get your Fundraising Kit or get in touch through the form below for more info: