Brenda – Sponsored Student


Brenda is 14 years old. Her father passed away when she was 4 years old, leaving her mother to care for 6 children, 5 sons and Brenda. Brenda’s mother suffered psychiatric problems and eventually, when Brenda was 7 years old, her Mother left the family, no longer able to cope.

“It was difficult after my father passed because my Mother did not have regular work and we often did not have finances for blankets, clothings and food. I was sad when my Mother went away and scared that we would have no one to care for us” – Brenda.

Brenda’s Grandmother Josephine, a widow herself, took Brenda and her brothers in even though she was already caring for 7 of her orphaned grandchildren. Josephine does all she can to clothe and feed the children in her care. As a former teacher she is lucky to receive a state pension which means she has a regular income. However this is not enough to cover the school fees for all the orphans in her care.

“Without Brighter Futures Zambia, Brenda would have to drop out of school. She is a good student and works hard so we are very happy she has the opportunity to complete her schooling” – Josephine

“I like school. I know that it is important for me to educate myself if I can have a future and be somebody. My dream is to complete school and study to be a nurse. I would like to work in a hospital and help the people. I love playing netball and reading when I am not studying” – Brenda.