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🌻Fourth update of our Pre School build in Miyoba🌻

Did you know there are no other pre-school options currently in Miyoba aside our two run by Brighter Futures Zambia’s community groups. 🇿🇲

There are no recreational facilities in Miyoba either for the children. 🙁

The new school will be a place of enjoyment, where the children will have valuable learning through play, away from their duties at home. 🏠

By age 7-8 when children are at home they have responsibilities such as herding goats. 🐐

The school will be an opportunity for the children to put their education before these household responsibilities and give them a chance to keep up and compete with their more advantaged peers. 👍🏻

We hope you are enjoying our updates and if you can help us along with our journey please follow the link to our donate page. 🙏🏻


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